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Many times we hear that country ham is too salty.  This is usually the result of over-cooking.  Country ham is not like fresh pork which needs to be cooked thoroughly.  The curing process removed the moisture from the ham making the whole ham shelf stable; not requiring refrigeration.  This curing process does impart a slightly salty taste to country ham.

We recommend slow-frying country ham slices in a covered skillet.  We used the boneless Sandwich or Biscuit Slices (about 40 pieces) for this illustration however this same procedure is used for Center Slices or any country ham slice.

Scroll down for illustrated frying instructions





Place the country ham slices in a skillet that can be covered.  In this illustration we are using an electric skillet however a covered skillet used on a cook top or range does just as well.









Set the temperature between 200 and 250 on an electric skillet. Use low setting on a cook top or range. Cover the skillet.








After 10 minutes turn or flip the slices and cover the skillet.

If frying 2 or 3 center slices or 5 or 6 biscuit/sandwich slices flip the slices every 2 or 3 minutes and re-cover the skillet.  Your country ham slices will be ready within 10 minutes.









After 20 minutes turn or flip the slices again and cover the skillet.  This time you may notice the “natural country ham juices” in the bottom of the skillet.





After 30 minutes the slices of country hams are ready to be removed and served on a platter or placed in the middle of split biscuits.

If you are not ready to serve the slices and need to keep them warm turn or flip the slices again and cover the skillet.  Place the temperature on the lowest possible setting.

Notice the all “natural juices” in the bottom of the skillet.  This is used to make red-eye gravy.








Serve the slices on a platter or place in the middle of a split biscuit.












Country Ham and Biscuits

A Southern Tradition!









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