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TO ORDER:  Please call us at 800/471-9814 to place an order.  We are not set up to accept orders over the internet.  We accept Visa, MasterCard or Discover.

Sliced country ham in a vacuum pouch does not need refrigeration for shipment. After delivery the country ham should be refrigerated until use.

Shipping Info

Whole Country Ham - not sliced   #114     13/14 lbs.     Delivered Price  $105.00

Whole Country Ham - not sliced   #116     15/16 lbs.     Delivered Price  $114.60

 Our “Sliced Whole Country Ham” arrives in one large vacuum pouch and looks like a whole country ham. Opening the pouch reveals the ham has been sliced through the bone with slices a little less than ¼ inch thick. We recommend the slices be separated into to serving sizes of 2 -3 slices each and kept in the freezer in a zip lock bag or freezer paper. The ham hock is included in the sliced whole ham.

Sliced Whole Country Ham   #214     13/14 lbs.     Delivered Price  $108.20

 Sliced Whole Country Ham   #216    15/16 lbs.     Delivered Price  $117.80

#250 Boneless Center Section – not cooked (6 lbs.)

 Delivered price -- $113.60

 This is the very finest center portion of an aged country ham.  We remove the bone, skin and excess fat so there is no waste to this vacuumed sealed product.  Shave this delicacy with a sharp knife to make Prosciutto or Serrano.  Slice this section about ¼ of inch thick and you are ready to fry mouth-watering country ham. Or better yet, boil this whole section then slice/carve with a sharp knife for a completely different taste of country ham.

#310 Center Slices of Country Ham

Delivered Price -- $86.80

Five packages of 2 center slices of country ham, each weighting approximately 6 oz.

Sandwich Size Country Ham

Packages of 6 sandwich size slices of country ham, each weighting approximately 1.25 oz.

#320 (10 pkgs.)      Delivered Price -- $120.20

                                              #325 (5 pkgs.)        Delivered Price ---  $79.60


Biscuit Size Country Ham -- Party Packs

Packages of 1.25 oz. pieces of biscuit size country ham, approximately 19 - 20 slices per package.  These  slices can be cut in half to double the pieces for party biscuits.

#330 (4 pkgs.)     Delivered Price -- $106.00

                                              #335 (2 pkgs.)     Delivered Price --   $74.00

#340 Four Pound Pack

Delivered Price -- $65.90

Four pounds of sliced country ham in an attractive package.


 #350 Sliced 10-lb Country Ham

Delivered Price -- $91.70

#410 Slab of Country Bacon -- rind on (7 - 9 lbs.)  (cured with brown sugar) This slab is not sliced before delivery.

Delivered Price -- $119.80

Country Bacon -- Brown sugar cured in 12 oz. pkgs.

 #420     4 pkgs. rind-on     Delivered Price  $78.30

 #430     4 pkgs. rind-off     Delivered Price  $80.20

 #440     4 pkgs. (2-rind on; 2-rind off)     Delivered Price  $79.20

 #450     8 pkgs. rind-on     Delivered Price  $117.20

 #460     8 pkgs. rind-off     Delivered Price  $121.00

#510 Country Sampler

 Delivered Price -- $66.90

 12 ounces bacon - rind off; Six slices of sandwich size country ham;  Two center slices of country ham

#520 Country Feast

 Delivered Price -- $131.10

Two packages of bacon - rind off  (12 oz. each); Four pkgs. of sandwich size slices (six 1.25 oz. country ham slices per pkg.); Four packages of center slices (two 6 oz. country ham slices per pkg.)

#610 Country Ham Hocks

 Delivered Price -- $60.60

Split and individually vacuum packed, 5 lb. average weight (total); For seasoning a "pot" of vegetables (beans, greens, peas, etc.)

Gift Boxes

 Indulge yourself, surprise someone or just to say "Thank you"

 Arrives with complete cooking instructions.  We will include a greeting card signed however you request with each gift shipment or enclose your greeting card if supplied with your order.  The prices shown are the Delivered Price. Nothing else is added to the price.

 1 pkg. Ham - 1 pkg. Bacon      $57.90

 2 pkg. Ham                              $57.30

 2 pkgs. Ham - 1 pkg. Bacon    $68.20

 2 pkgs. Ham - 2 pkgs. Bacon   $78.90

 3 pkgs. Ham                            $67.50

 3 pkgs. Ham - 1 pkg. Bacon    $78.30

 4 pkgs. Ham                            $76.70

 3 pkgs. Ham - 2 pkgs. Bacon  $88.10

 4 pkgs. Ham - 1 pkg. Bacon    $87.50

 4 pkgs. Ham - 2 pkgs. Bacon  $98.00

Each package of ham consist of 2 center slices, each weighting approximately 6 oz.    Each package of bacon consist of 12 ounces of sliced country slab bacon with the skin off.

All items are shipped UPS -- ground; We must have a street address -- No P. O. Box! Prices are subject to change without notice. Call our 800 number to guarantee price. Visa,  MasterCard & Discover are accepted -- We cannot ship COD, Sorry!!!


Please call us at 800/471-9814 to place an order.  We presently do not accept orders over the internet.

Tripp Country Hams

P.O. Box 527

207 S. Washington

Brownsville, TN  38012

800/471-9814             Fax 731/772-6798

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