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Good, old-fashioned country hams and bacon have made Tripp Country Hams one of Brownsville's most successful business since 1962.

The special aging process is a family secret that has been passed from father to son, and guarantees a distinctive country flavor associated with the curing process that has been handed down throughout the southern US for over a century.  Care is taken to process the meat beyond government regulations and specifications.  Every step in the aging process is monitored and painstakingly checked to guarantee a championship award winning flavor.

Tripp Country Ham and Bacon products always bring home Grand Champion ribbons from regional fairs and meat processing competitions and make perfect Tennessee-style gifts for family or business clients.

Tripp Country Hams started as a “side-business” by a Methodist minister in Brownsville, TN.  Brownsville is an old agricultural town where cotton is the major crop.  In the “old” days on the farm just about every family raised hogs and cured hams and bacon to provide food for the family.  This was just good old everyday food.  Now, rarely do you find someone who still cures their own hams and bacon.  Most country ham and country bacon today is now cured by a few commercial establishments.

Although sales of country ham products are our main focus, we started curing “country bacon” in 1983 using an “old-time” curing recipe of salt, brown sugar, red pepper and cinnamon. Regular “store-bought” bacon is usually cured, sliced and packaged in 3 or 4 days.  It takes a minimum of four weeks for Tripp Country Bacon to be ready for slicing and packaging.  Fresh bellies are hand rubbed with our special cure mix.  Later the bellies are removed from the cure, washed and hung to age then smoked before being sliced and packaged.  This slow process allows Tripp Country Bacon to acquire its unique flavor, taste and texture.  This country bacon that was so common many years ago is today considered a delicacy.

Whether you are planning the menu of a special gathering or just shopping for the very best for your family, remember to shop at Tripp Country Hams.  Our products will make you glad you tried us.  Drop us an e-mail or call us for the best country hams in America.


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