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BOILED COUNTRY HAM whole or half ham

The country ham has lost a considerable amount of moisture--so we like to simmer--instead of bake.

Have your meat department cut off approximately 3 inches of the hock to allow the ham to be easily covered with water in the cooking vessel.  The ham hock (without removing the skin) may be cut into chunks which may be used as seasoning meat when cooking beans, greens or vegetables.



                    Now let's get started on your delicious Boiled Country Ham!  (scroll down)



Place the country ham in the sink and scrub with a brush and warm water to remove mold if necessary.  You can expect to find mold on very good country hams.   Notice on the left side of the picture that the hock has been cut off.









Weigh the ham and place in vessel large enough to be completely covered with water.  Soak the ham in cold water for 12 hours.  Drain and replace with fresh water.












Bring to a boil, (not a hard boil when   the water overflows the vessel).

Notice the boiling bubbles on the left side of the vessel.












Then turn the heat down to JUST SIMMER

Notice the lack of boiling bubbles on the left side of the vessel.









Then cover with a lid. Let the ham simmer 20 minutes per pound.  DO NOT BOIL--just simmer--this is important.

Consider simmering 15 minutes per pound if boiling half of a country ham or the boneless center section. 

  Boneless Center Illustrated Cooking Info







After cooking (simmering), remove  the vessel from the stove and allow ham to cool in water in which it was cooked.  The ham is cooked  (finished) when the water is cold enough for you to use your bare hands  to remove it from the water.








Remove the rind. If you are not preparing a glaze, wrap the ham in  foil paper and place in refrigerator to cool before slicing.  It is better to cook the day before serving in order to chill for slicing.









Now to make a big presentation for your party or family gathering.

After the rind has been removed from the ham and slash (score) the fat.








 Mix one small can crushed pineapple and 2/3 cup brown sugar until smooth.









Pour the mixture over the fat of the ham









Then garnish with one small can of slice pineapple and cherries.  Bake in a hot oven (400 degrees) for 20 minutes or until golden brown.








The finished country ham!


Wrap in aluminum foil and place in  the refrigerator until serving. The country ham can be used a center piece of the table when placed on platter. To really be impressive, wait until your guest are seated then slice the country ham. It is easier to start slicing (carving) the country ham from the hock end. Remember it was cut  off by the meat market.



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